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Our Story

I was in your shoes for over 35 years.  I managed my own funds and those of my family, and used over five different brokers and insurance agents to do so. Then, I woke up.

When I did, I realized that brokers had offered me portfolios and agents had offered me policies.  Both had offered promises they couldn’t and didn’t keep.  None had offered a PLAN.  None were qualified at a high level.  Not one helped my family avoid the crashes of 2000-2002 and 2007-2009.  Each possessed an inherent bias.

I considered this experience.  Why didn’t anyone offer client-centered financial advice? . . . that was unbiased?  . . . and comprehensive? . . and based upon independent, in-depth, big picture, research and analysis?  Why hadn’t my family’s advisors acted like a “Financial Lifeguard”, concerned with protecting our hard-won assets, and suspicious of market bubbles?  Why hadn’t they been more qualified?

Meanwhile, after I’d served the public ten years as an Asst. Attorney General and worked several years in banking and small business, I examined what I would do with the rest of my life.  So, I looked at my own background, skills, and interests: Undergraduate work based on Economics and Politics, A Law Degree with a focus on business and tax law, and an MBA centered on finance and real estate.   Plus, I’d co-managed a multi-million dollar family estate for almost two decades.  I’d bought my first stock in 1980 and my first life insurance policy in 1987.

I liked the study of economics and markets much more than the study of law, and, at heart, I was a planner and a “synthesizer”. To me, it was fun to take a seemingly unconnected bunch of facts and concepts and combine it into an understandable system.  In other words, there was little I enjoyed more than creating order out of chaos.  I also liked to help people, and, after my mother’s health declined two years before she passed away, I had moved home to manage my mother’s affairs.  She even passed away in my arms.

Realizing all this, I determined to become the Financial Advisor I had never known.  With this in mind, in 2014, I earned all the necessary licenses to do my new job right, then I began a thorough study of the financial service business.  It was more complicated than I’d realized.  It had more players than the public knew, and many of them called me to try and sell my firm something!  I had to figure out who these players were and which of them I could trust.  

Eventually, the pieces of how my complex new profession was organized--for better and often for worse--began to come together.  I couldn’t trust everyone in it, but I could set up my firm so that people could trust it!

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