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Titles, Licenses, & Exam Results


Fee-based Investment Advisor Representative
Registered in Florida & Alabama

Series 66 Exam Score: 90

Insight, LLC acts as a fee-based Advisor to Florida and Alabama residents. 

Note: To further insure against client conflict, Insight, LLC operates as an Independent Advisor.  To serve clients, Insight, LLC utilizes the platform or Interactive Brokers (IB).  Insight, LLC is not, however, a branch office of IB, and its Founder is not an employee of IB.  Insight, LLC merely utilizes IB's "platform" (its technology, etc). 

See these Interactive Brokers nationally telivised commercials to understand why Insight, LLC works through IB, NOT through a big Wall Street broker:

Insight, LLC and its Founder are not beholden to any brokerage firm.

Insurance/Annuity Consultant
Licensed in Florida and Alabama

In both Florida and Alabama, Hense is authorized to sell and advise on long-term care insurance, life insurance (with a focus on Index Universal Life), and also the newer Fixed Index Annuities, sometimes known as Hybrid Index Annuities.

He does not sell variable annuities (known for high fees and high volatility) and does sell what are termed SPIA's (known to rob heirs of remaining principle).  He rarely recommends whole life and would do so only when it helps remedy a long-term care expense problem.

Florida Insurance/Annuity Exam Score: 85

Note: To further insure against client conflict, Hense works only as an Independent Insurance Agent.  Hense is not beholden to any particular insurance company.


Registered Representative Exam
Originally Registered in Florida and Alabama

Series 7 Exam Score: 90

Note: To help insure against client conflict, Hense and Insight, LLC do not work under the Commissioned Registered Rep format and is not associated with a Broker-Dealer.  Instead, although he passed the Registered Rep exam with a high score, Hense prefers to work as a fee-based Advisor.

A Comprehensive Education That Might Benefit Your Interests

Masters of Business Administration, 1986
The University of Texas at Austin
Concentrations: Finance & Real Estate

Juris Doctorate, 1985
The University of Alabama
Concentrations: Business and Tax Law

Bachelor of Arts, 1982
The University of Alabama
Concentrations: Economics & Political Science
(Hense completed a key Macroeconomics course at the University of Chicago and scored a 4.0 on a 4.0 scale.)

Commercial Loan Training Program Graduate, 1991
Compass Bank (now Compass Bank BBVA)

Hense's World of Experience Just Might Enhance Your Investment Experience.

Former Assistant Attorney General

Hense spent ten years as either an Assistant or Deputy Attorney General for the State of Alabama.  Hense handled cases against serial killers, drug dealers, confidence men, and political criminals. Though not jaded, Hense remains realistic about  human nature and cautious about who and what to believe.

Co-Manager of a Multi-Million Dollar Estate

After the death of one, and eventually both, parents, Hense co-managed--along with his sibling co-executors--a multi-million dollar estate.  Starting in 1996, Hense held Power of Attorney over family investments accounts for more than 15 years, having made his first securities purchase in 1981 at the age of 20.  

Active Member of a Global Family Office

For over four years, Hense has been an active member of an independent Global Family Office research and networking service, composed of families from all over the world.  These families joined together to hire top global experts from every field relevant to family wealth management.  This connection yields an independent, objective, international perspective on markets, economics, and business, along with an appreciation of the challenges that face all who generate, manage, and seek to preserve family wealth.

Commercial Banker

Hense spent over four years with a major banking institution, working as a loan officer, a credit analyst, and an internal auditor.  For several years, he lived in the real world of finance, accounting, and personal/corporate financial management. Hense has witnessed the operational and financial mistakes that banks, businesses, and individuals make.  

Small Businessman

Hense comes from family of small businessmen, entrepreneurs, and farmers. He has started and/or operated various small businesses. He knows the challenges today's commercial playing fields present. 

Other Key Experience

Having secured a long term care policy for an elderly mother fifteen years before her death, Hense returned home for the last two years of her life, supervising caretaking staff and insuring that all her affairs were handled and all her special needs addressed.  It is this experience that he finds most valuable.  The retirement years are a precious time of life.  Hense believes that having the financial resources for this stage of life is of maximum importance, however, no substitute exists for the attention of caring family members.

In summary, Hense approaches this business as a long-time investor, one who has stood--and continues to stand--in the shoes of the Client-Investor.  We know where you are because we are right there with you.

Hense is invested in several of the ingenious options Insight, LLC offers and will invest in more, as time and circumstances allow. 

Interests & Activities

Hense is a health and fitness enthusiast, a true lover of economics and investments, and a founding member of King's Cross Church.  He is also a member of the Destin Chamber of Commerce and the Destin Rotary.  Plus, he serves on the Sinfonia Gulf Coast Board of Directors.

Based upon the Experiences of its Founder, Insight, LLC Bases Its Approach on Five Foundations:

*Respect -- For you and your Wealth.  You both deserve Insight, LLC's loyalty, attention, and care.

*Independence -- Insight, LLC answers to no one but you.  Not to Wall Street.  Not to commission-obsessed office managers.  Hense is an investment fiduciary--not a mere broker.  His duty and obligation is to you.  

Note: Of course, Hense also listens to his conscience, his elders, his regulators, and his independent research sources, but none of these pose a conflict with you.  

*Plans, not Mere Portfolios

We were a client of brokers and agents for 30+ years. Some offered a portfolio; some offered a policy. As a true Financial Advisor, we believe clients deserve a Plan: a plan that solves their problems, a custom plan, an integrated plan, a plan that decreases risk and worry--instead of increasing both.

*Reality -- The current economic and investment climate presents unprecedented dilemmas.  With markets so heavily "financialized", we do not live in "normal times", and Insight, LLC will not attempt to convince you otherwise.  Instead, it will face truths with you--and deal with them in a prudent manner.

*Humility -- Insight, LLC may know much about today's unique current investment environment, but no mere human can know the future. Insight, LLC will not pretend that it can, and it will advise you and help manage your wealth accordingly.  

Humility is the child of experience. Hense has lived through four stock market crashes and three long-term bear markets that wreaked global havoc on portfolios and retirement plans.  

That's why he talks risk--not just return.

We're not a former salesman or amateur athlete who became an "advisor" just to make big commissions. We offer hard earned expertise and relevant, real world experience.

Insight, LLC would love to explain how our advanced education, real world background, and independent, lower risk mindset just might help you improve your family's finances. 

Call us Monday-Saturday, 07:00--19:00 at (850) 533-9887.