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Our Firm: Independent From Others, Loyal to You

Its Founder Being a Former Client of Multiple Advisors, Insight, LLC Took Important Steps to Help Eliminate Bias and Conflict From Its Point of ViewThese Steps Help Insure that Insight, LLC is Loyal to its Clients.

Insight, LLC doesn't just promise Client loyalty, it did a lot to help insure it!  For instance:

(1) Founder Hense R. Ellis II formed Insight, LLC as an Independent Firm. Instead of working for some big bank or broker that blew up and took a bailout in after the last crash, Hense Ellis chose to form his own firm, and to make it independent.  Wall Street does not own it.  Wall Street does not control it.  Commission Driven Executives don't pressure it. 

Insight, LLC Answers to Clients--NOT to Wall Street. 

This helps prevent "Employer Bias". 

At present, on the stock and bond side, Insight, LLC services Clients via the Independent Advisor platform offered by Interactive Brokers (IB).  Insight, LLC is NOT a branch office of IB.  Insight, LLC merely utilizes IB's "platform" (its technology, etc). 

To understand why Insight, LLC works through IB, NOT with a big Wall Street broker, see these IB nationally telivised commercials:

In short, Insight, LLC and its Founder are not beholden to any brokerage firm.

(2) Insight, LLC and Founder Hense Ellis act as Investment Fiduciaries, Not as Commisioned Stock Brokers.  Hence, they are legally and ethically obligated to act in the client's best interestsBecause large account losses are not in the best interests of ANY client, Insight, LLC and its Founder prefer a lower risk approach.

(3) Founder Hense Ellis Qualified Himself to Offer Both Financial Market-Based and Insurance Carrier-Based Solutions.  Hence, he has no bias to either approach.  If he were merely a "stock guy", he might be tempted to recommend only stock-based approaches.  If he were a merely an "insurance guy", he might be tempted to suggest only insurance/annuity-based approaches.  Thus, "License Bias" won't tempt him to force a round peg into a square hole.  Every client's situation is unique and thus merits a customized solution.

(4) As if Steps (1) thru (3) Were Not Enough, Insight, LLC Sought and Discovered at Least Two Lower Risk Alternative Approaches Outside the Usual Stock Market and Insurance Sectors.  For some investors, one of these unique vehicles just might be most suitable.  Alternative options provide further insurance against "License Bias".  At a yield of 4.0-5.0%, one insurance carrier-backed approach is especially intriguing. 

(5) With Everything Insight, LLC Offers, It Remains Independent of Any Broker, Supplier, Provider, Insurance Company, or Third Party Money Manager.  Insight, LLC is not captive to any big brokerage house, insurance company, third party money manager, or other provider.  Hence, these powerful entities can't strong-arm Insight, LLC into pushing their products.  This helps prevent "Provider Bias".  

A former Assistant Attorney General, Insight, LLC's founder knows that leverage is often abused.  Instead, he made Client Loyalty a huge priority and hence sold out to no one.  (Plus, having handled cases against white collar criminals, he's careful about which providers to trust.) 

(6)  Insight, LLC Employs Only Independent Research.  Over decades of investing, Founder Hense Ellis discovered trusted, independent sources for economic and investment data and analysis. (Some of these predicted the 2008 crash well ahead of time.)  Insight, LLC gets its research from sources who don't sell stocks, bonds, insurance, or other investment products.  If a supplier has something to sell, then it might slant its research toward that something.  Hense believes its safer to source research from those who sell only research.  This helps Insight, LLC avoid "Research Bias". 

(7) Again, Founder Hense Ellis Has Been in the Investor's Shoes for Decades; so, He Knows What It's Like to Be on the Receiving End of Investment Advice.  This fact fosters client empathy that, in turn, helps "keep Hense and Insight, LLC honest".  In other words, it helps control "Advisor Ambition Bias".  After all, in some cases, a client's portfolio might already be properly situated. 

Steps (1) through (7) above help make Hense Ellis a true Advisor, not a salesman.  He will listen to your goals and work hard to help you reach them.  He will comprehend your challenges and seek to help you overcome them.  He is discreet, and the more you disclose, the better he can advise and assist.

With world stock markets especially tricky to navigate, being a true Advisor is now more important than ever! In Insight, LLC's opinion, the current investment climate is complicated--to say the least.  The entire world economy is drowning in a tsunami of debt: especially in China, Japan, Greece, Spain, Italy, and even in the U.S. Demographic trends are mostly negative, as baby boomers morph from big spending parents into big saving grandparents and Milennials struggle with student loan debt.  Government and central bank policy is manipulative, burdensome, and largely counter-productive. 

Nonetheless, U.S. stock markets appear richly priced: multiple key valuation measures are flashing red.

*Insight, LLC was so concerned about the current mismatch between market reality and market valuations that it helped construct a proprietary crash indicator to warn of impending crashes.  No warning indicator is perfect, but this one, had it been in existence, would have warned us before the last two crashes.  Insight, LLC's clients get the benefit of this valuable market and economic signal.  When it warns "Watch out!", or when it screams "Get out!", Insight, LLC clients will know.

The usual investment approaches now seem inadequate.  Standard CD, muni-bond, and fixed annuity rates offer little help; variable annuities and even lower risk stock portfolios are subject to 25-75% crashes--as proved by recent history.  Unfortunately, many investors have been lured back into unhedged stock portfolios and risky junk bond funds based on pleas that, with rates so low, “stocks and high risk bonds are the only place to be.”

Naked Stock portfolios and risky bonds are not the only place to beAgain, Insight, LLC offers multiple lower risk approaches that didn't suffer stock market losses in 2008.  One yields 4.0%-5.0% on invested funds and is backed by reputable insurance companies.  Others offer stock market based upside potential WITHOUT stock market downside risk.

Difficult to believe?  Please call Hense to set a meeting (850-533-9887), and he'll be happy to explain how they work.

Whether you elect safer cash flow, safer growth, or safer ways to leave a legacy, Insight, LLC can help you decide which approaches are right for you.  Insight, LLC would also be pleased to incorporate any of them into a custom plan that fits your situation
A solid plan is a comprehensive plan.  For instance, should your plan include protection against the $250,000-$500,000 risk that long term care presents? 
Is a precious metals position right for your situation?  As you make key decisions, Hense wants you to be thoroughly educated, thoroughly advised, and, in the process, thoroughly respected.  ​You and your wealth deserve it.

Hense will travel to meet prospective Clients.  Thus, Insight, LLC, subject to the regulatory and account size restrictions set out herein, serves many cities and areas, including: 

• Destin                        • Niceville                    • Fort Walton Beach

• The 30A area (Seaside and Seagrove)        • Sandestin & Miramar Beach

• Greater Northwest Florida, including Pensacola and Tallahassee

• South and Central Alabama, including Dothan, Mobile, Auburn, Opelika, Alexander City, and Montgomery

Insight, LLC would love to explain what our independent status could mean for your financial future.  Let's meet soon.  

Call us Monday-Saturday, 07:00--19:00 at ​(850) 533-9887.