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An Independent RIA With a Unique Focus: Solving Client Financial Problems





Insight Investments, LLC is an

Independent Registered Investment Advisor

(Registered in Florida, Alabama, and, on a limited basis, serving investors in Texas)

Founder Hense R. Ellis II is an

Independent Investment Advisor Representative

and an

Independent Insurance/Annuity Consultant

(Licensed in Florida and Alabama, with offices in Miramar Beach, FL & the Stillwaters Development of Lake Martin, AL)

At Insight Investments, LLC ('Insight, LLC'), Our Goal is to Charge Clients Less, and Offer Them More.

1. We Offer Many Services for Free . We provide many services at no charge, including: (1) A free “Second Opinion” on your current portfolio, (2) A free "Crash Test" of that portfolio to gauge how it might do in the next crash, (3) A free current reading of our proprietary crash indicator, and (4) A free financial plan that should reveal any gaps in your financial future. We also offer some of the lowest annual advisory fees in this part of America.

2. We Offer High Rates on Account Deposits and Annuities, but Very Low Rates on Margin Loans to Clients. Insight, LLC offers maybe the market's highest deposit rate on idle stock account balances, likely higher than your current broker offers? We also offer perhaps the highest rates on fixed annuities (MYGAs) and probably the highest participation percentages on cutting edge, principle protected, Fixed Index Annuities.   At the same time, the margin loan rates available to clients through us just might be the lowest in the business, typically 50% lower, at the least.

In our extensive experience, we saw other firms charge clients too much and yet offer them too little. Our goal is to charge clients too little and offer them too much! (Note: Attractive margin loan, deposit account, and annuity rates are available because we established good relationships with multiple third parties.)

3. We Offer the Ability to Relate. We advise from the position of an experienced investor who has been in your shoes.  We've been investing since 1981, including over fifteen years managing family accounts. We were in your shoes as a client for 30+ years. We've lived through euphoric booms and painful busts. We've seen investing "systems" come and go. We believe our experience as an investor, ​and our experience as a former client of multiple advisors, helps us see things from your standpoint. We've been where you are; hence, we can better understand how you may feel and what you may think.

4. We Offer Independence. Given our unique perspective, we did all we could imagine to make Insight, LLC independent.  We believe that, by helping to eliminate bias and conflcit, our enhanced independence helps insure our loyalty to clients. To review the steps we took to foster independence, please click "About Us" above, then select "Our Firm: Independent From Others, Loyal to You" from the drop-down menu. 

5. A True Financial Advisor, We Offer Clients Not A Mere Portfolio or Product: We Offer Them a Plan: A Plan  Designed to Solve Their Financial Problems. Our plans are custom and integrated, and they're designed to solve financial problems and decrease risk and worry--instead of increasing both. Again, we were a client of brokers and agents for 30+ years. Some offered a portfolio; some offered a policy. To us, that was not enough . . . and it often failed to solve the financial problem at hand. To review what kind of plan we have in mind, please click "About Us" above, then select "A Wise Financial Plan" from the drop-down menu. 

6. We Offer Broad and Genuine Expertise. We went beyond the norm to qualify ourselves to advise you properly. Our Founder has a combination of education, training, licensing, and experience that's rare among advisors. For more on his broad, relevant background, please click "About Us" above, then select "Our Qualifications" from the drop-down menu.

7. We Offer a Lower Risk Approach to Investing Precious Client Funds. We believe this tact is consistent with an overvalued stock market and a troubled global economic picture.  It's also consistent with the precious nature of client funds.  We understand that someone worked hard to generate the wealth you possess.  Studies show that it's difficult for investors to spend money they lost in the stock market. Why not be careful with it? A lower risk approach is wise whether your focus is growth, spendable cash flow, or a legacy for your heirs. For more on our overall approach, please click "About Us" above, then select "Our Services" from the drop-down menu. 

8. We Offer a Broad Array of Unique Investment SolutionsToday's investor faces big dilemmas. Insight, LLC offers big solutions. These solutions are often unique and always intended to be comprehensive. We do not believe in simplistic, formula-driven, managed account approaches.  You deserve more than that from us.

For more on what we offer client-investors, please click "About Us" above, then select "What Insight, LLC Offers" from the drop-down menu.

Hense often meets prospective Clients in their homes and offices, and thus Insight, LLC serves many cities and regions, including: 

• Destin                        • Niceville                    • Fort Walton Beach

• The 30A area (Seaside, Seagrove, Alys Beach, Dune Allen, Santa Rosa Beach)        

• Sandestin & Miramar Beach

• Greater Northwest Florida, including Pensacola and Tallahassee

• South and Central Alabama, including Dothan, Troy, Mobile, Auburn, Opelika, Alexander City, and Montgomery

Insight, LLC would love to explain how our independent status, focus on problem solving, advanced education, real world background, unique solutions, and lower risk mindset can help you improve your family's finances. 

Call us Monday-Saturday, 07:00--19:00, at ​(850) 533-9887.


Hense R. ('H.R.') Ellis II
Founder; Insight Investments, LLC


[1] Insight Investments, LLC is a Florida LLC.

Hense R. Ellis II and Insight Investments, LLC do not offer legal advice. Financial market-related communications from Insight, LLC and its Founder are currently intended only for residents of Florida, Alabama, and, on a limited basis, Texas. Likewise, insurance and annuity related communications from Insight, LLC and its Founder are intended only for Florida and Alabama residents.  Alternative investment-related communications are intended for a broader audience, depending on State of residence.  In all situations, no offers are hereby made to, or will be accepted from, residents of States where Hense and/or Insight, LLC are not registered, licensed, or otherwise permitted to operate.

For all its services, Insight Investments, LLC and Hense Ellis welcome all Florida and Alabama investors who have a lower risk mindset and at least $100,000 in liquid assets (cash, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, expiring CDs, annuities out of surrender, etc).  For its financial market services, Insight, LLC also welcomes certain lower risk mindset Texas investors with the same minimum liquidity.


Heed the Insight Owl

"Be Wise: Consider a Lower Risk Approach."